Only Four Exercises A Day Can Boost Your Testosterone Levels

The guys that are sitting at home like cripples on crutches may have been big fans of that old mantra of; no pain, no gain. And now they are confused, wondering why they are all tied up in knots and are feeling so let down and burned out. But the guys that went to online gyms like for their first workouts were introduced to the smart philosophy of; less is more.

Would you believe this if we told you? No? Well, we’re going to tell you anyway. There is many smart and effective ways to boost your testosterone levels without touching a single drug or overdoing it in the weights department at your local gym. The perception was always that if you do more with greater intensity, the results would soon show. But that’s not really how it works, in reality, guys. Go back to those online guides we mentioned to you earlier and you’ll soon learn why and how that is the case.

One of the most effective and smartest ways towards improving energy levels that give you the strength to build up muscle as you would like is to actually do a lot less. Particularly if you are a beginner in the gym, you’ll always be starting on the lowest rung. The trick is to slowly but surely build up on your repertoire. Only once you manage, say, six reps at a time, will you progress to eight or nine (not even ten at this stage).

You’ll be spending at least four or five days in the gym anyhow, if you are that keen. So why waste your time and energy on burning yourself out when you could be extending your gym life and, for that matter, your life. Say you are only going to be in the gym for four days of the week, all you really need to do is focus on four different areas of your body. Four different exercise routines for four different focus areas.

One for each day, that’s all it takes. An example then. You’ll also be doing four exercises at a mere four sets each. On those four sets, you’ll need no more that twelve reps. But in the beginning, when you’re starting out for the first time, it’s a good idea to start off with even less. Give your body time to adjust to the new intensity. Ease your way into a strenuous routine and there’s less chance that you’ll be giving up purely because the exercises are just too difficult to manage.

Also, there’s less chance that you’ll be injuring yourself prematurely. But that’s not all, guys. It’s not just the gym and those weights you’ll need to focus on to help optimize your testosterone levels. Rather than rely on testy supplements, you’ll be looking at getting your weekly meal plan to a healthy, balanced level with a focus on healthy protein intake.