What Many Experts Are Wishing They Had When Starting Their First Blog

If you have landed your first online blog startup tutorial from any one of the great engineers located somewhere in and around the famous Silicon Valley out in California then you should consider yourself to be quite lucky. You are about to be guided by the gurus of blogging. If you are not one of those many fortunate readers right now, may we recommend that you go straight to places like howtostartablog101.com to begin your first lesson?

Like any online article, no matter what its genre or niche area, it always seems to begin with an appropriate anecdote. The instruction guides published under websites like howtostartablog101.com are no different. But this is also curious. Quite a few of the expert engineers and tutors all seem to be saying similar things. One universal anecdote suggests that these guys wish the startup guides had been around when they first started learning how to set up their first website and blog.


The sentiment seems to be shared in equal measures. Many of today’s online experts cannot stop waxing lyrical on those halcyon days. They can’t stop telling the rest of us just how lucky we all are today. That means you too if you are about to start reading through your first recommended guide. Information technology engineers and experienced communications experts keep on reminding the newbies out there how difficult it was for them to start up their own website and blog.

So, many of them have gone on to be inspired. They would not wish hard days and long nights on you, especially since things like IT and SEO isn’t exactly your forte. So, they’ve gone on to produce these fabulous online guides that are really quite easy to work through. There is little to no use of technical language and/or jargon. If you are a seasoned writer yourself, you will understand the term. But for the rest of the universal readers out there, let us quickly explain.

Geeks and nerds, so-called, like to converse in their own lingo. But start talking to you in their language and you will never understand a word they said. No, the technical language is kept to an absolute minimum. But where it becomes necessary to include some of them – SEO, as in search engine optimization, being a prime and regularly used example – the online writing guide experts go on to give you a fairly detailed explanation in language that you can all understand and appreciate.

Many of your online teaching experts are also consummate marketing and advertising practitioners. They have important things to share with you on how to fully expose your blog to the rest of the world. And as you well know; money makes the world go around. And on this important matter, your blog teaching experts will be teaching you how you can make money with your blog. The term used regularly is monetizing your blog.